The Art to Maintaining a Positive Mind-Set When Remote Working

Since the pandemic, the world has seen an incredible shift in the working environment, with a lot of businesses offering a hybrid or remote setup. Whilst this way of working provides much-needed flexibility – which we have been craving for so long – it can be difficult to know how to maintain a positive and productive mind-set. 

We’ve got some suggestions for you on how best to manage remote working – 


Your setup is absolutely key. It might feel inviting to settle yourself in front of the TV on the sofa with your laptop, but this isn’t going to do any good for your productivity – let alone your back! Find yourself a space where you can setup your equipment properly, preferably in a quiet area without any distractions. Daylight is a great mood booster, so try to position yourself near to a window. Allow yourself room to spread out and create a proper workstation. You could even personalise your station with plants and photos – make the space your own! 

Differentiate between work-life and home-life

It’s easy for the line to become blurred when remote working and this can have a major impact on your mental health. Don’t create an environment where you feel you’re constantly at work. Ensure that your work is kept in one area which doesn’t intrude on your home life. Nobody wants to be sleeping in their office! Make sure that you are able to pack up the work station or shut the office door on a Friday afternoon, and forget about work until Monday morning. Allow your mind time to switch off and enjoy the important things in life. 


Although the traditional 9-5 may not be your norm, it’s still important to plan the structure of your day and settle into a healthy routine. Taking breaks is important in restoring energy, resetting your mood and, in turn, increasing productivity. So, take those much-needed coffee breaks, give yourself 5 minutes away from the desk and enjoy your lunch in the sunshine. When the clock strikes 5 (or your version of), log off and shut down for the day. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t stay logged on any later than needed in the office, so why would you at home? 


Remote working can be lonely, especially when it feels you haven’t spoken to another human all day. There’s only so much conversation you can have with your dog! Emails are great, but nothing beats having an organic conversation with somebody. Utilise the available facilities to incorporate phone calls and video calls into your day. Why not turn an email thread into a conference call? The best ideas come from proactive discussions and the sharing of ideas between colleagues. It is also important to ensure you are getting sufficient interaction outside of your working hours. Make sure to allocate time with your friends, pop to the local coffee shop or sign up for a gym class. 


We’ve already discussed the importance of taking yourself away from the desk during the day, but how can exercise have an impact on our wellbeing? It is known that physical and mental health go hand in hand – when your body is healthy, it can help your mind to stay healthy too. Exercise helps to reduce anxiety and will leave you feeling energised, so give your mind the best chance at taking on the day. Set a time in your schedule to go for a run, bike ride or take the dog for a walk. Replace your commute time with a yoga session or 20-minute workout to kick start your day. A walk at the end of the day is also a perfect finish to your schedule. 


Jade Edwards

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